GTS Dry Cleaning Software

Clean Machine Software has been especially designed for dry-cleaners / laundries with automatic tag printing, Store Pictures of customer as well as items, Easy Order and Delivery Management, Complete CRM, Processing In Store, Simple Accounting and easy to operate environment.


To Use this software you need no training on computers, no accounting background and even only Basic English is sufficient.

As such winter, festival and marriage season has started and dry cleaners are overloaded with their working, they are looking for something that may manage their workload and reduce their Burdon. Now it’s time to display this project to some drycleaners in your market, convince them about the technical points of this software.

Salient Features

  • Order Booking
  • Delivery Management
  • Tag Printing on Buckram Using Ink Jet Printer
  • Track orders in processing and make it ready for delivery in a single click.
  • Simple Accounting
  • Send Auto SMS to customer at Booking Time, Processing Time, and Items Ready for Delivery & Thanks Message at delivery time.
  • Setup your own rate list.
  • Take Photo of customer at Booking Time as well as at delivery Time.
  • Track Store Items and ready for delivery items.

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