Integrate Social Media With E-commerce Websites.


Social Media is a powerful marketing tool in the modern era. The usage statistics of social media gives an insight to this. It is estimated that more than 2.5 billion people use social media worldwide. If you still haven’t tasted the selling power of social media integration, then you certainly are missing out a golden opportunity. You can integrate social media with your e-commerce website to make an evident difference in sales.

The main advantage when you integrate social media with your website is that customers start ‘following you’. It’s different from the traditional method in which the businesses followed the customers to pursue them. Therefore, ignoring the power of social media in the present era is not a wise stance to have. Nowadays, we are seeing a dramatic shift in the social media marketing company strategies. It’s vital to change your business strategies according to the demands of the time. Presumably, the traditional approaches of marketing that you may be following need some replacement with modern strategies like social media marketing to boost your sales. There are a few ways through which you can integrate social media into your website and make good use of it. Here, let’s take a look at some easy methods to integrate social media with your e-commerce website.

Add social media feeds on your homepage

A simple way to integrate social media is to add social media feeds on your homepage. This can make your page more lively and attractive. You might have noticed attractive Instagram feeds on some websites. These businesses use the strategy of visual marketing in a very effective manner. Instagram is arguably the most powerful tool for online marketing. This is because most of the content is visual. Visual content has the capability to attract a large mass of audience. The businesses who are successful at integrating social media typically displays only high-quality posts in the feeds. Only use the best posts or photos in the feeds because the contents in the social media feeds must be extremely relevant and catchy; capable of engaging the audience. You certainly don’t want unnecessary posts coming on top in your homepage.

Social media buttons

Social media buttons are one of the most convenient methods to integrate social media into your website. In simple words, social media buttons are links to your social media accounts. It’s important to remember the fact that most customers spend a great deal of time on social networking sites. Obviously, this can be turned to your advantage by making use of social media buttons.

While you integrate social media using buttons, there are several important things that you should keep in mind. Firstly, the positioning of the buttons needs some planning. Place the buttons in a way that’s appealing and are easy to spot. Secondly, make sure the buttons match the overall colour scheme of your website. This is important to maintain the aesthetics of your website.You don’t want your website to have odd-looking buttons.

Social login

Typically, most users prefer to log into a website via a social media account. This enables them to avoid the registration process which may seem quite inconvenient to some users. Also, if a user is already logged into a social media account, he or she doesn’t need to enter username and password again. In conclusion, if you can make users use their social media account for registration purposes to save their time. No one likes to fill up forms and make separate login accounts for each website they use. Social media integration thereby can contribute in increasing the overall user experience.

Social share

People are really interested in sharing interesting things they see via social media. If you want more people to know about your products, the best bet is to add social share buttons to your website. Social share buttons allow users to recommend your products to their friends via sharing in social networks. This method of social media integration is sure to provide you with some publicity free of cost. Simply, you can make use of the general habit of sharing through social media that people generally have to your advantage.

Social Media based comment system

Integrating social media to your website can make your e-commerce website a lot more engaging. You can make use of various social media based comment system such as Liveware to enable users to comment on your site and have conversations with other users. The commenting can help users to discuss and understand about your products with other users and also create an atmosphere of meaningful conversations withing your website.

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